Session Fees

Hypnotherapy, - BWRT, - Counselling

  • Initial Consultation £60, lasting approx 90 mins + relaxation CD for you to keep, and use.
  • Each session thereafter is £60 or £65 from 5 pm onwards. Please note that 24hrs cancellation where possible, as I run a waiting list.
  • Why not make a saving by booking a block? 
  • 6 sessions for £330 (saving £30)
  • 10 sessions for £500 (saving £100)
  • Some concessions for low-income available, although limited. 
  • Smoking cessation session is £150 + CD/download (no Initial Consultation required). A deposit of £50 payable at time of booking. Also included in this package is a complimentary 1-hour follow-up session.
  • Motivational Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. 6 session package payable in advance. More details of this programme are on my Weight Loss page.

How to make payments:

  • Cash
  • BACs in advance
  • Credit/Debit cards accepted - however, a handling fee of £2.50 will be levied against each transaction


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