The Tricky Business of Weight-Loss.

Do you struggle with diet and find that your weight often yo-yos?
Well, help could be at hand with the aid of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an effective and safe way to help someone lose weight by allowing them to gain control over their eating habits.
“It’s not a one-off therapy session.” “I work with a client over a number of appointments to help them take control over their eating habits, so they can start to make informed decisions on the food types they choose.”
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works by helping someone to reduce their stress bucket levels.
“We all have our own stress bucket, and, when the levels fill up, we can find ourselves indulging in bad habits, such as comfort eating, to try to cope.”
Hypnosis is used as part of a therapy session to help drop the levels in the stress bucket through a natural process of Rapid Eye Movement (REM), which occurs when we are in a trance state and is a natural part of the sleep cycle.
When REM happens, we effectively start to see that our stress bucket levels drop, which provides a calmer outlook, so allowing the client to take control over some of those pesky cravings, which would otherwise see them reaching for the biscuit tin.
Every session focuses on positive steps taken since the last meeting and both therapist and client work together on what can be done to further help reduce stress by focusing on positive goals – either short term or long term.
The hypnosis part of the session lasts for around 20 minutes and helps the brain to focus on those positive changes for the future, so allowing us to move forwards and notice a real difference. 
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help someone quit smoking in a one-off session, and aid people to overcome their fears. It can be used in a variety of ways from helping with stress management through to aiding with sleep and improving confidence.

As always if you'd like to discuss your issue in complete confidence, then give me a call and we can have an informal chat about the way forward.

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