The Secrets of Maintaining a Healthy Weight.

I guess if you’re reading and hints and tips on ‘How to Maintain a Healthy Weight,’ – it’s either:
1 - because you’ve probably recently lost weight.
2 - or completed your programme, and already you can feel the pounds creeping back!
3 - Or perhaps you’re contemplating starting a weight loss plan?
If that sounds like you, then join the club 90 to 95% of people's weight loss efforts go the same way.
“So what do the 5 to 10% of successful maintainers do that the rest of 

chubbers don’t??”
You might wonder at this point why I’m beginning this series of guides (yes peeps there is a series), with Maintenance?
You see anyone can lose weight! For those of you struggling right now, you might be saying, “Yeah yeah! That’s easy for you to say, but I’m starving myself and nothing is happening.” Angry face.
But it’s true just find the plan that suits you – but more on that issue later – and stick to it.
So back to my question.Why start at maintenance, when I haven’t even begun...? Simple…
Because it’s the most important phase of all.
It’s the most important phase because if you don’t maintain your loss, you’ll probably carry on with old behaviours, and look where that got you before? Yep…big pants!! Or put another way…

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done
You’ll always get what you always got!!”

Because if you're not going to invest as much time and effort into the maintenance stage, as you put into the weight loss stage, then all your hard work will have been for naught, and you’ll be joining the 90 to 95% who pile it all the weight back on - plus a bit extra for good measure too. Compounding those feelings of self-loathing even more, and your head in the fridge again!!

It’s all in the mind.

So what is the secret to maintaining a healthy weight? It requires work and effort to maintain your motivation and self-belief. And that's the secret. 

And practising those new longed for behaviours, which often feel really tough to begin with. Until it becomes the new habit. Just like breathing... you won't have to think about it. Just take a moment now to think about how good it would feel to back in control? 

Yes, it's all in the mind, that’s absolutely true, mind over matter, or as someone I know puts it “Mind Over Platter”.
So if you want something different then you must do different things – I can’t put this strongly enough. You have to adopt new behaviours and attitudes around food, or stay fat!!
However, that’s not always easy, so hypnosis for weight loss can be a very useful tool,

  • in turning someone’s mind-set, towards food and themselves around.

  • enabling that person to make better choices, understand the reasons for overeating, and make the necessary changes to support the rest of their slimmer healthier lives.

Just like many other addictive behaviours food has perhaps become your coping method of choice. Coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life. And because the foods we often choose to over indulge in are generally fat, and carbohydrate loaded (Let's face it, when did you ever binge on carrot sticks and celery? Thought not!), which contain addictive properties in themselves and we become like crack addicts!

So pretty soon you get hooked into a downward spiral of behaviour. Plus disliking or even hating yourself for doing it, berating yourself for beingweak-willed, giving yourself an emotional beating before starting the cycle all over again because you feel miserable with yourself. You'll not believe this but I've just had a client call me as I write this very paragraph to tell me exactly that!

But to get to the maintenance stage of weight loss, firstly you have to lose the weight! Lose the Fat! Bust the Bulge! Ditch the Drab!
If you’d like to know how I can support you in your weight loss journey, and find out if hypnotherapy for weight loss can help re-set your mind, then please get in touch. So you can "Bring on the Glam" You deserve it Xx

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