Have you got signs of Depression or Low Mood?

If you have been feeling down, or out-of-sorts, your thoughts can easily turn to whether you are depressed or not. Whether you fit "the depression diagnosis" or not is uninimportant, because if you're feeling so down, you need to do something about it.

Often my clients report one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Exhaustion on waking-up
  • Restless disrupted sleep, sometimes experiencing upsetting dreams
  • Early morning waking, coupled with difficulty getting back to sleep
  • Doing less of the things that you used to find enjoyable
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Improved energy as the day goes on
  • Anxious worrying and intrusive upsetting thoughts
  • Becoming emotional or upset for no particular reason
  • Shortness of temper, or irritability 
Not all people have all of these symptoms, and some have different signs, but if you are depressed, you probably will be experiencing some of them.

Until recently people experiencing depression were prescribed medication. However, the medical profession has realised that this course of action often misses the point, by just treating the symptoms rather than the causes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy enables my clients to gently change what they can change, and cope better with what can not be changed.

Call or email me now to book a Consultation, and let's get you feeling more like your old self.


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