Guilt (don't let it keep you weighted down).


I often see clients who struggle with guilt for one reason or another.

  • Sometimes it's a bereavement, and feelings of guilt about moving on, or letting go of a loved one's possessions.
  • Sometimes it's about being a parent, not good enough, not loving enough. Let's face it being a parent is a hard job and your almost bound to feel guilty about something. Going back to work too  soon, being a stay at home mum and on it goes.
  • Perhaps it's a guilty secret. 
  • Or perhaps it's something seemingly minor, for example, having a cheeky cigarette when you'd told your partner that you had quit for good, and the guilt of the lie plays on your mind.

But you see, our brains can't distinguish between something reasonably minor, and something far more troubling. The chemical reaction in our brain is the same, and triggers primitive responses and ultimately can keep us stuck. So letting go can be hugely beneficial. 

I've attached this article to as it might be helpful. Plus I've got some great tools to help you "Kick Guilt in the Backside."

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