6 Super Stress Busters
Lets face it modern day living is littered with opportunities to experience stress - right? Stress does not discriminate against age, gender or social standing, it affects most of us from time to time. However it's our ability to cope, or not cope with it that causes the problem. Most of us need a little stress in our lives to give us the metaporical kick in the backside we need to get things done, and although it can be uncomfortable we can cope, because it's short lived and the rest of our life is generally alright.

The problem occurs when we experience a period of protracted stress, or we are already having a difficult time with a variety of things and then it's often the straw that breaks the camels back, and we can find outselves unable to cope. So here are a 6 tips that can help you cope better.

Be positive.
That can be challenging when life's events feel like they are overwhelming us. But with effort you can learn to think differently. Rathe than dwelling on all the negative aspects of life, try looking for what went well, or things to be grateful for. I encourage all my clients to do this - and it really does make a difference.

Avoid overloading yourself with too much information.
We are constantly bombarded at work with emails, in the media with things that we are unable to solve, and of course social media. So learn to filter out th totally unecessary, if it's not your 'stuff', ignore it. Declutter your workspace and your inbox. Keep a things to do list and enjoy crossing the hardest thing off first.

Make a bit of time just for you.
Go to the gym on the way home, you'll decompress and be much nicer to be around. See your therapist, for example hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to combat stress and anxiety, so call me. Or perhaps it might be a massage, yoga, or a beauty treatment that refloats your boat. Find what works for you, maybe the ideal prescription would be a combination of all of them.

Get good quality sleep.
When we are stressed it's normal for our sleep patterns to be disrupted occassionaly. Chronic stress can interupt healing sleep patterns for much longer and can have other detramental effects on our emotional and physical wellbeing. The right type of sleep is incredibly healing, and I'll explain how it works in much greater depth during sessions with you.

Do something for others.
When you feel down doing something for others makes you feel more grateful for all that you do have helping you change your perspective. Maybe you could volunteer for a charity, or just help out an elderly neighbour. 

Be more active. 
Depression, stress and anxiety thrive on inactivity. So by doing something physical not only helps your body, but physical activity causes positive chemical changes in our brains and our bodies, which supports a more positive mental attitude.

Ideally we would all be doing the above and keeping ourselves as emotionally resilliant as we possibly can be. However if you are experiencing difficulties managing your stress and anxiety levels, or finding yourself slipping into a depressive state with feelings of  overwhelm, then please get in touch and together we can decide on the very best way forward for you.


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